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Coverage Starts At: 3.10*

* Bronze Cover for one adult for
  travel up to 3 days within the UK
  with no pre-existing medical
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Insurance Terms

When the following words and phrases appear in the policy document or booking confirmation, they have the meaning given below. These words appear in bold print.

Business colleague

Anyone you work closely with, and whose unexpected absence from work means that a senior manager or director for your business needs you to cancel or cut short your trip.


Two adults who have been permanently living together at the same address for more than six months.


A legally qualified doctor who holds the necessary certification in the country they are currently practising in. The person must not be related to you or anyone you are travelling with.

Excess, excesses

The amount we will take off for each insured person, for each section, for each incident claimed for. For example, a couple who both have personal belongings stolen from their room and both have to pay medical costs during the same trip, will have a total of four excesses taken from the total amount they claim. Two of these excesses will be for two claims under ‘Section 1 – Emergency medical and associated expenses’ and two of these will be for the two claims under ‘Section 3 – Personal belongings’. If you have paid an extra premium for excess waiver cover, the excess will not apply.


Two adults and all of their children (including foster children) aged 2 to 17. Infants aged under 2 are covered free, if travelling with an insured adult. All members of the family must live at the same address (see the note below).

Note: If you are divorced or separated and your children do not live permanently with you they can still be covered under this policy. "


Where you normally live in Ireland.


AGA International SA

Period of insurance

  • Cancellation cover begins on the issue date shown on your booking confirmation and ends at the beginning of your trip. The cover for all other sections starts at the beginning of your trip and finishes at the end of your trip.
  • All cover ends on the expiry date shown on your booking confirmation, unless you cannot finish your trip as planned because of death, illness or injury or if your booked transport is delayed and this cannot be avoided. In these circumstances, we will extend cover free of charge until you can reasonably finish the trip.


A person who has their main home in Ireland, is registered with an Irish doctor and has not spent more than six months abroad during the year before the policy was issued.

Travelling companion

Any person that has booked travel with you on your trip.


  • Any return journey (not including business trips) that takes place during the period of insurance and starts and finishes from your home in Ireland.
  • Any other trip which begins after you get back is not covered.
  • A trip which is booked to last longer than 180 days is not covered.

We, our, us

Mondial Assistance (UK) Limited who administer the insurance on behalf of the insurer. Acting in Ireland on the insurer's behalf is Mondial Assistance Ireland Limited.

You, your, yourself, insured person

Each person shown on the booking confirmation, who the appropriate insurance premium has been paid for